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Introduction by S. Author: Kutscher.


Avec la collaboration de B. Editors: van der Woude and J. Women in the Damascus Document. Author: Cecilia Wassen. Women in the Damascus Document offers a fresh look at the nature of the community reflected in the Damascus Document, one of the core documents of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

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By presenting a close and comprehensive study of the references to women and in-depth analyses of biblically based laws in the document, this work attempts to reconstruct the role of women and attitudes toward women within the community. Highlighting the complex nature of the evidence, the author draws attention to a number of rules that reflect a favorable attitude toward women, but also to instances of a patriarchal stance, especially regarding sexuality.

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Carefully considering all the evidence, the author argues, in contrast to the opinions of many scholars, that women were full members in the community. Paperback edition is available from the Society of Biblical Literature www. Terms and Conditions Privacy Statement. Powered by: PubFactory. Sign in to annotate. Delete Cancel Save. Cancel Save. The combined text of CDa and CDb contains twenty columns of writing. Fragments of this text from Qumran include material not found in CD.

The document divides into two parts, commonly called Admonition and Laws. Davies divides the Admonition into four sections: History, Legal, Warnings, a Supplement which Wise refers to as exhortations. The Damascus Document can be divided into two separate sections of work, The Admonition and the Laws.

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The Admonition comprises moral instruction, exhortation, and warning addressed to members of the sect, together with polemic against its opponents; it serves as a kind of introduction to the second section. Meanwhile, the Laws looks at this new covenant community expressed to them through the Teacher of Righteousness. It goes into great detail of the different social arrangements that were taking place at the time.

This part is divided into four subsections that each outline different parts of information that were especially relevant to the new covenant community. Section I, IIVa there is a strong description of the community and how they originated with their purpose and goals. Section II, IVb-VII:9 it outlines the views of people in and outside the community, and discusses that these people are straying from the real law. Meanwhile, the people in this community are drawn together by the covenant, and strict laws they follow together. It is said that people who follow this law will attain salvation.

Introduction the new laws, priests, and overseer.

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Rules about priests and disqualification 3. Diagnosis of Skin disease 4. Impurity from menstruation and childbirth. Levitical laws pertaining to harvest.

Gleanings from grapes and olives 7. Fruits of the fourth year. Measures and Tithes 9.

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Impurity of Idolators metal, corpse impurity, and sprinkling. Wife suspected of adultery Integrity with commercial dealings and marriage Overseer of the camp Expulsion ceremony. This was found in Qumran. The document contains prominent reference to a cryptic figure called the Teacher of Righteousness , whom some of the other Qumran scrolls treat as a figure from their past, and others treat as a figure in their present, and others still as a figure of the future. Some of these other scrolls where he is mentioned are the Pesharim on Habakkuk Pesher numerous times , Micah once and Psalms, as well as 4Q Scholars have also believed that he was a priest based on other variations in the text that are also thought to be him.

This Teacher of Righteousness does not feature at all, however, in the Community Rule , another document found amongst the Qumran scrolls.